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Through the years that I have run the non serviam magazine and maintained this web site, non serviam has become a lifestyle as well as a philosophical umbrella. I have met some interesting people because of this, I have read some interesting books, and I have even learned some arts history. Some years back, I decided to try to earn some money to run this site while rendering a service to visitors by making an bookstore - US, UK and German - and though it hardly pays for the site yet, I've noticed to my satisfaction that it is visited. Now is the time to take the concept a bit further, and at the same time make the store somewhat more visible on the non serviam web. I like to collect cups from places where I stay for an extended period. People read cups. As I also noticed when I and Dan Davis terrorized the Redmond beaches in matching Max Stirner t-shirts one very sunny summer, people also read t-shirts: "Who is Max Stirner?" So I offer the opportunity for you to be asked the same question, at work with your cup, or at the beach with your t-shirt. And I earn a few cents.

As people who know me have discovered, I have an opinion on most things, including butter, shaving creams and shoes. While some people use the word "opinionated" to describe this, I prefer the phrase "informed decision". I have a section of this shop where I list my recommendations - with no small hope that I may some day get a commission for making at least some of them. A bit like the way MLM is supposed to work (but doesn't), except that I - and not the companies - will be who chooses which products I dearly recommend.

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